Creative Curriculum


The Creative Curriculum encompasses Science and all of the Foundation Subjects including the humanities; History and Geography, ICT, D&T and Art. Links are made to Literacy and Numeracy alongside the Sustainable Schools, Community Cohesion and Financial Capability Agendas

We have designed a curriculum that is distinctive to our school that meets our pupils needs, based on their experiences. The Creative Curriculum develops innovative and creative approaches to learning whilst raising standards and developing children’s key skills. It creates exciting contexts for learning whilst covering all programmes of study in the current National Curriculum.

As part of the Creative Curriculum each year group will take part in a series of educational experiences either in school or out in the community. Examples of these experiences will include:


Year 1: Lego Workshop + Avoncroft Museum of Buildings

Year 2: Black Country Museum + Coventry Transport Museum

Year 3: Lickey Hills + Archaeology Workshop

Year 4: Weston-Super-Mare + Heronfield Animal Rescue Centre

Year 5: National Space Museum + Alexandra Stadium

Year 6: Soho House + Bridge Building Workshop


The table below outlines the Creative Curriculum themes studied in each year group.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


All About Me

Rhythm and Rhyme

All Around Us


Our Nursery


Nursery Rhymes



Our Local Area and People Who Help Us


Our School

Celebrations and Festivals

Traditional Tales


Growth and Change


Year 1

Our skeleton

Growing and changing

The beauty of light

Houses and Homes

The Great Outdoors

Seeds, fruits and flowers

Science focus

Humans and Animals

Light and Dark



Pushes and Pulls

Growing Plants

Year 2

Keeping Well

Same and Different

Using materials

Now and Then



Science focus

Health and Growth


Changing materials


Forces and Movement

Animals and plants

Year 3

Feed Me!

Green Fingers

Finds Finds Finds!

Water Water everywhere!


Sun Worship

Science focus

Teeth and Eating

Making Plants Grow Well

Magnets and Springs


Rocks and Soils

Light and Shadow

Year 4

Home Comforts

Skeletons and Mummies

Flying Start!

We’ve got the power

Seas and Oceans

Animal Welfare

Science focus

Keeping Warm

Moving and Growing


Circuits and Conductors

Liquids and Solids


Year 5

Going For Gold!


Space – The Final Frontier


Industrial Revolution

Keeping in Touch

Wetlands and Woodlands

Science focus

Health and Fitness

Earth, Sun and Moon

Gases Around Us

Changing States

Changing Sounds

Life Cycles

Year 6

Environmental interdependence

Britain as Workshop of the World

Consolidation Activities

Consolidation Activities

Transition and Transformations

Science focus

Interdependence and Adaptability

Forces in Action

Reversible and Irreversible

Consolidation Activities

How We See Things

Changing Circuits

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