All children in Years 1, 2 and 3 follow the Jolly Music system. This enables music to be taught in an effective
and enjoyable way. The teaching is done through singing so children can immediately become music makers and
learn to sing in tune. Through a repertoire of based on playground rhymes and songs, the children become aware of musical elements including pulse,rhythm, pitch, volume and tempo. All the activities and games support
multi-sensory learning and make the lessons fun.


All children at Nansen follow THE TOBIN MUSIC SYSTEM. This is an exciting multisensory method of teaching
all aspects of the rudiments of music, harmonisation and composition. It also covers other musical
subjects such as playing the recorder, the keyboard, piano and classical guitar. The Tobin Music System
is suitable for children of all ages and abilities and allows children to progress to much higher levels
and have a much deeper understanding than previously thought possible using traditional teaching methods.

All children learn the fraction names of notes:

Reception children learn how to make interesting rhythms and also make fractions add up to a whole:

Every note is represented with a different colour, which makes it engaging and exciting for children of all ages:

Children practise remembering these colours through story telling, games and colouring activities. They

learn how to place the different colour notes across the Great Stave by using a series of pictures,
patterns and stories:

They can practice replacing colours on the Great Stave themselves by colouring pictures and though activitis on the Interactive Whiteboard:


Children learn how to colour the notes on music so that they can paly the music themselves on instruments,
which are also colour coded:

They wear coloured bands to remind them which colour they should play:

Children learn how to listen to music and write it down using rhythmic shorthand:


They also learn how to write notes correctly. This work is by Reception children who have already learned
to form notes correctly:

Poems and patterns remind children of the rules for writing music:

They learn how choose certain notes from the magic circle to form chords:

Then they use all this knowledge to compose their own music. Below is a piece of music composed by a
Year 6 pupil:

In Music at Nansen we video and record performances so that children can watch and listen to their work,
evaluate their performances and celebrate their growing confidence.

We hold half-termly singing concerts to allow class teachers to prepare songs with their classes and also
give parents the chance to watch from the audience and to join in with an audience participation song.

Children in Key Stage 2 also have the chance to receive weekly guitar lessons with a visiting teacher.

There are also weekly music clubs running at Nansen which take place at lunchtimes these include Keyboard Club, Drum Club, Recorder Club and Singing Club:

These activities allow children to further develop their skills and work with children from other year groups:

Every year we take children to watch performances at Symphony Hall

We also invite musicians into school to work with the children:


And occasionally we involve the whole school in a special performance like our Carnival Procession on
Fun Day in 2008:

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