PE Curriculum:

Throughout the school we offer children 2 hours a week of Physical activity ( however due to extensive building work the children receive 1 hour of Physical activity a week this year). In PE lessons we cover the areas of Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and Athletics. These can be taught by the class teacher or by the PE teacher. Swimming takes place at Stechford Cascades and children go in Years 3 and 4.


In Games the children play a variety of Invasion (Rugby, Hockey, Football and Basketball) striking and fielding (cricket and rounders) and Net/wall games (tennis).

In Gymnastics the children learn how to travel, roll, balance, perform body shapes, jump and land safely. As they progress through the school they begin to create sequences with partners which they perform to their peers.

In Dance the children use stories as a stimulus for creating movement. They perform their finished dance to children in the year below them.

In Athletics the children learn how to throw a javelin, shot putt and discus. They use a standing long jump to measure how far they can jump and a speed bounce for how quickly they can jump. The children learn how to run over hurdles and how to pass a baton in relays.

The children learn to swim at Stechford Cascades. Each year 3 and 4 class go for one and a half terms each. They are split into 2 ability groups and learn the basic strokes of front crawl, breast stroke and back stroke. If you can take your child swimming outside of the school lessons then this will help a lot with their ability to swim.

See your local swimming pool for information.

Apart from Reception, children come to school in their PE kit ready for their PE lesson. We have recently changed to a bespoke Nansen kit. If you have not ordered yours yet see Mrs Ahmed in the office before the Easter holidays.



Clubs: Over the last few years we have offered a wide range of after school sports clubs which the children sign up to at the beginning of each term. These are run by staff and outside agencies.




Competitions: Nansen has been part of the Hodgehill Girls School cluster and the Calthorpe School Sports Partnership. Through this we have competed in a variety of competitions. Nansen won the Netball, Hockey and Cricket cluster competitions and entered the cluster Basketball competition. Congratulations to all the children who have competed against other schools this year. See for more information and photographs.

Speedmark: In June we had the company ‘Speedmark’ to come into school to hold their fundraising event. Each child had 3 kicks of the ball to find out who could kick the ball into the goal the fastest. Each speed was recorded. Certificates were given to all children with medals going to the fastest boy and fastest girl in each class.



Sports Day: In June Nansen School held 4 sports days, one for each phase. These days were thoroughly enjoyed by all and there was only one downpour.




Playleaders: In November, 14 Year 5 and 6 children joined other children from the Calthorpe Partnership at the Doug Ellis Sports Centre to train to be playleaders. The children have done a fantastic job working with Year 1 and 2 children at lunchtimes playing a variety of games.

Health Information: Here at Nansen we are a ‘Healthy School’. Using the four areas of physical activity, emotional health and well-being, PSHE and healthy eating we aim to enable and encourage the children to lead healthier lives.

Could you walk to school instead of coming by car? Look out for information regarding a ‘Walking Bus’.....coming soon!

Bikeability: During July, 24 Year 5 and 6 children completed their Level 1 bike training.



In February of each year, each class has a session in the Life Education caravan that visits the school. The children discuss topics such as bullying, healthy lifestyles, looking after yourself and friends.

At Nansen we encourage all children to walk to school. Each year we take part in Walk to School weeks in October and May.

As breakfast is seen as the most important meal of the day, we like all of our children to have access to this. We offer a free Breakfast club which is held in the canteen from 8.30am each morning. The children have a good healthy choice to set them up for the day ahead.



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