School Council

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 has a representative on the school council. Each councillor represents the views of their class and is voted onto the council by their class during the school council elections held in October

The School Councillors are:

1H - Uthman Mahmood 4K - Ikrah Waseem
1C - Ruqayyah Hussain 4C - Adeeb Rahman
1A - Kaif Omer 4H - Alimah Abid
2VW - Anas Hasan 5C - Misbah Shazad
2JW - Adnaan Haider 5M - Taniya Majid
2H - Shahzab Irshad 5R - Aasmah Shakoor (Secretary)
3C - Amaan Shakeel 6R - Sharn Miles (Chair person)
3L - Azeem Malik 6U - Halima Sajed
3I - 6K - Tawheed Mazhar

The School Council meets fortnightly on Thursdays and has a working lunch, We discuss issues that pupils’ have raised via the School council post box as well as whole school issues raised by staff. Matters requiring whole school consultation are discussed in a class council meeting and then fed back to the school council.

We have invited staff to some of our meetings, the Head Teacher to discuss a tuck shop, the senior cook to discuss menu changes; the senior dinner supervisor has helped us to improve the “Top Table” in the dinner canteen.

This year we have supported the school in achieving Healthy School status, requested a tuck shop that is now up and running and are in the process of organising a talent contest with a joint committee made up of councillors and staff.

We have links with Highfield School council and host joint council days during the Summer Term.


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