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Our School's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)



Lots of games, activities and information for pupils and parents on all subjects.



Channel 4 Book box site. It aims to bring the world of authors, poets and illustrators closer to children. There is also a writer’s toolkit which provides children with hints on story writing.

Poems organised by theme, poetic forms and poets – the children can even hear the poems being performed.



Lots of maths related facts, interactive games, number challenges and examples of maths used in art.



Website for ‘The Woodland Trust’. A number of activities that link to Life Processes and Living Things.

Full of facts and fun games that help children explore and learn about birds.

KS2 pupils can design their own roller coaster. Great for developing children’s understanding of gravity, friction, force and acceleration.

Lots of great interactive activities and games linked to healthy eating.



Dance Mat style typing lessons!



A fascinating site with aerial photographs of the whole world! Addictive!

A child friendly website that highlights climate change and environmental issues.



A great site. It takes you on an interactive journey to learn about the ship and those who sailed on her.

Website linked to the popular books.

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