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Mrs. Rose Ahmed
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My name is Rose Ahmed and I have been at Nansen School for over 25 years, developing Parents Partnership with school. I mostly work with ladies of the community, as I feel that they need support and encouragement to better themselves.

Because of the makeup of the community, which is extended families and majority from Pakistan, ladies are not given opportunities to better themselves.

I have invited colleges to school to deliver courses to the ladies in an environment, which is acceptable to the families; most of the ladies have qualified and are now career women. I work with outside agencies to provide support and learning experiences for the ladies. I have arranged seminars regarding health issues for e.g. diabetes, drugs, breast cancer, disability awareness and many more related issues.

Within Nansen School we have a Pre-School Nursery, therefore I call Nansen Primary School a community school which offers education for children from birth to 11 Years old, plus additional support regarding their well-being.

I have been developing Cultural Diversity Awareness by setting up a Voluntary Organisation Group called Roots and Branches which started in 2000, ladies who attend are from different cultural and religious background. We have learnt a lot about each other and have visited so many places of worship and other places of interest.

In response to the Asian Earthquake, I felt that I wanted to do something positive which will benefit our future generations. Our project is to fundraise and build a school in Pakistan and twin up with Nansen School. Our first event was a Chai & Samosa afternoon where we raised £600, we then held a charity evening for ladies where we raised £1,135.00 and then we had a “Charity Market”, where we raised £1, 138.00. We will continue to fundraise until we reach our target, which is £15000.






SEMINARS- Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Disability Awareness, Drugs




Courses 4 ladies

Nansen Primary and Roots & Branches have organised a Women's Information Day on 26th May 2010 in the Nansen Primary Infants Hall from 9.30am - 2.30pm.

This event is a social and informative opportunity for the women of Nansen and Park View Business & Enterprise School to work together and enjoy. We have organised a fun filled day with activities including:
  • Mendhi Designs
  • Pampering, Relaxation & Meditation
  • Advice and guidance on Healthy Eating & Cooking
  • Smoothies & Milkshakes

We will also be providing access to information on other services and agencies in our local community. Such as the health service, Womens groups, legal services, careers and education advice and parenting support.

Roots & Branches are an Independent group based at Nansen Primary School in Saltley and it is a bridge building project aimed at bringing women from our community together.

We are a magnificent community of women helping women. Our mission is to strengthen women and families within our community.

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