How will Nansen support your child through transition?

           When a child with special educational needs start at Nansen, we:


  • Meet with them and their parents to ask and answer questions about their needs;
  • If necessary, provide a transition book with photos and information about their new school;
  • Arrange visits to the school and any workshops that are appropriate prior to their start date.

When a child with special educational needs moves into a new class at Nansen, we:

  • Can give the child a transition book so they have information and pictures about their new classroom and teachers;
  • Talk to the child and their family about any changes and how to support at home;
  • Introduce the child to their new class and teacher well before their transition.
  • Transition meetings with parents and outside agencies.
  • One-page profiles created with the children, teachers and parents.


When a child with special educational needs leaves Nansen in Year 6, we:

  • Work with the child’s new school to make sure they have a transition which is as easy as possible for them;
  • Talk to key staff at the new school about the child’s needs and hold a review meeting if needed;
  • Help to arrange visits to the new school if required and appropriate to do so.