Meet the Specialist Team

Specialist help that support SEND


If you would like to contact any of these services please speak to Mrs Turner



Agency or Service

Who they work with

How school can get in touch with them

Educational Psychology Service (EPS)

Children with complex needs and where an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment is made

School have an allocated Educational Psychologist who the SENCo is in regular contact with. Parental consent is required.

Pupil and School Support Service (PSS)

Children who are working below the expected level or who have cognition and learning difficulties


We have a PSS Teacher who visits regularly. The SENCo will speak with parents if they feel a PSS teacher should work with individual pupils.

Communication Autism Team (CAT)

Children who are being assessed for or already have a diagnosis of autism or social communication difficulties

We have an allocated worker who we can contact after a referral has been made to the team. Parental consent is required.

Physical Disability Support Service (PDSS)

Children with Physical Difficulties which impact on their school access. They also provide training for staff

We have an allocated worker who we can contact after a referral has been made to the team. Parental consent is required.

Sensory Support Service (SSS)

Children who have hearing or visual impairment

Pupils are usually referred following a medical diagnosis; however, school can contact them for general advice.

Speech and Language Therapy Service

Children who are having difficulty with speech, language or communication. Children can have an in-depth assessment and intervention where needed

We work with West Midlands Independent Speech and Language Therapy Service who provide an allocated Therapist to work with children in school. Parental consent is required.

Behaviour Support (COBS)

Children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

The City of Birmingham School provide an allocated behaviour specialist who gives advice and works directly with pupils and their teachers. Parental consent is required.

School Nurse

Children with medical needs and their families.

The school nurse visits for a weekly drop-in and arranges meetings with parents who have been referred to their service. Parental consent is required.

Child Psychotherapy

Children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and their families

Our Child Psychotherapist visits every week and helps children and their families.






Nansen Primary School prides themselves on having an open door policy and you are always most welcome to discuss any matters related to SEND. Please call the school office on 0121 389 3787 or send an email to   Please read this information page and look at the links below to learn more about provision for SEND pupils at our school.