Admission Information September 2023/2024


From September 2013, Nansen Primary School took responsibility for all in-year applications for a school place. If your child is currently out of school or you want them to transfer from their current school to Nansen Primary School, please come to the office and request an application form from Mrs H Begum (Office Manager) so that your child can be added to our waiting list. Alternatively, you can download an 'Application Form' and 'In-Year Cover Letter' below.


Our admissions policy outlines in detail how to apply for a place and this is in line with the Local Authority guidelines. You can view or download it below. 

The school can admit 30 children in any class.


We ask for the following information to be provided in order to register a child:


Full Birth Certificate   Or   Passport

Proof of Address 

Council Tax Letter  Or Utility Bills (Water, Electric and Gas excluding Mobile bills)

The criteria are as follows:


1 Looked After Children LAC, children who have been previously looked after PLAC and Internationally Adopted and previously Looked After Children IAPLAC. (pursuant to the Admissions Code)

2. Children of staff at the school where there is a demonstrable skill shortage

3. Children who at the time of the application have a sibling attending the academy.

4. Children of staff in the school - Where there is no demonstrable skill shortage

5. Distance measurement: a straight line measurement distance from school to home.


The arrangements for children who transfer from another school to Nansen Primary are as follows:


1. Once the decision to transfer to Nansen Primary has been made, a start date for your child(ren) will be established. Details of the previous school will be taken so that records can be passed on.

2. To assist with your son’s/daughter’s transfer, parents and children will have the opportunity to view the school and meet their new teacher. Appointments will be made by the office.


If you would like to seek more advice please feel free to come and talk to our Administrator, Mrs H Begum (Office Manager), or alternatively you may wish to contact the Admissions and Appeals Department at Birmingham City Council (telephone number: 0121 303 1888).


Please make a note of the important dates below:


For 2024-25 Reception School Places: Please follow the link which will direct you to Admissions & Appeals. You will then need to apply online for the school of your choice. The deadline to apply by is 15th January 2024.


Application period starts - 1st October 2023

Closing date for applications - 15th January 2024

National offer day - 16th April 2024

Deadline for submitting appeals - 12th May 2024

Appeal hearings for appeals submitted on time -  17th July 2024

Round closes (applications need to be made using in-year application directly to the school) - 31st July 2024

Term starts - 2nd September 2024


For 2023-24 Current Year 6 to Year 7 Places: Please follow the link which will direct you to Admissions & Appeals. You will then need to apply online for the school of your choice. The deadline to apply by is 31st October 2023.


Nansen Primary School works in partnership with parents who find the process of applying for school places difficult. Due to this we will be offering 'parent workshops' during Autumn term 2022. 


Appeals Information


For information regarding the school appeals process, please click on the link below. This will direct you to Birmingham City Council's website.