Design and Technology

Curriculum Overview.

Intent, Implementation and Impact




Design and Technology at Nansen Primary aims to develop children's practical designing and making ability, and their creativity in solving real and relevant problems. We enable children to gain experience designing, making and evaluating a range of products, with a specific purpose for a particular user.

Our children gain experience working within 5 stands of design and technology: structures, mechanical systems, food and nutrition, electrical systems, textiles.

We aim to guide children through a process of iterative design where they are able to test, evaluate and improve their designs as they go. We draw on their knowledge from across the curriculum and their own experiences.



At Nansen Primary, we...

  • follow an iterative design process, allowing children to evaluate and improve as they develop and create products
  • deepen and consolidate understanding by returning to areas of DT throughout their time at Nansen Primary



At Nansen Primary, we…

  • teach children to design, make and evaluate products that have a purpose
  • build children’s experience with using a range of practical equipment throughout their time in Nansen Primary



At Nansen Primary, we…

  • give children opportunities to assess their own work through        evaluating their product iterative design process
  • seek to make progress after self-assessment, through investigation, evaluation and adaptation