Intent, Implementation and Impact




Computing at Nansen Primary aims to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to access and succeed in the ever-changing technological world. Topics throughout the computing curriculum are relevant and exciting for our students. They explore topics such as multimedia, programming, web design and data analysis and draw connections between these. These provide our children with real experience in areas of computing which will prepare them for new and exciting careers which are evolving every day, such as - game design and coding, 3D animation and many more areas where technology is key. Throughout all of our units, we inform students how to be safe and responsible online citizens. This will prepare them for communicating and collaborating with peers around the globe. Our children are surrounded by devices being updated every day to meet the needs of our modern society, so at Nansen Primary, we are continually developing a progressive and relevant computing curriculum.


Online Safety

At Nansen Primary, we...


  • understand how children are now a part of the global virtual community - online, there are threats and social experiences that children are confronted with when they use the internet
  • provide children with the skills to be critical thinkers and to understand how to conduct themselves online safely


Computational thinking

At Nansen Primary, we...

  • prepare our children to use algorithmic thinking to decompose, solve and innovate upon problems
  • ask children to explain their understanding through the use of logical reasoning to justify their choices in completing projects


Information technology

At Nansen Primary, we...

  • introduce learners to how the computers, internet, networking  and software works
  • develop an understanding of concepts through real-world problems relevant to our children's lives



At Nansen Primary, we...

  • aim to develop learners which are problem solvers both in digital algorithms but also in more concrete applications of the computing curriculum
  • ask children to highlight how different functions relate and affect the overall result when coding programs or editing media



At Nansen Primary, we…

  • assess children on their understanding of the knowledge as well as real-life applications of the skills in projects that allow students to be enthusiastic and creative
  • Ask children to provide and receive feedback from their peers to further develop their understanding of computing