Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mrs J Greenwood  - CEO Leigh Trust

Mrs R Yasmeen  - Deputy CEO Leigh Trust


Mrs N Bajwa – Head Teacher and DSL

Mrs S Shan – Deputy Head Teacher and Deputy DSL

Miss M Nicholaou  - Assistant Head, Lead DSL and SPOC

Mrs R Mahon – Assistant Head and Deputy DSL

Mr I Potter - Assistant Head and Deputy DSL

Miss A Hanif - Lead Practitioner and Deputy DSL


Nursery Team

Mrs M Danilescu – EYFS Lead

Mrs S Hussain – Class Teacher (part time)

Mrs S Tufail – Teaching Assistant



Reception Team

Mrs M Danilescu – Class Teacher and EYFS Lead

Miss A Loha - Class Teacher

Miss I Kauser – Teaching Assistant

Miss N Begum - Teaching Assistant


Year 1 Team

Miss M Nicholaou – Class Teacher, AHT and Year Group Lead

Mrs N Akhtar – Class Teacher

Mrs S Noreen – Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Sher – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

Miss S Bi – Class Teacher and Year Group Lead

Miss M Kawsor – Class Teacher

Mrs S Ishfaq – Class Teacher

Mrs D Hudson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Ahmed – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Shaheen – Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Miss A Hanif – Class Teacher, Lead Practitioner and Year Group Lead

Mrs I Hussain – Class Teacher

Mrs F Bi – Class Teacher 

Mrs S Sher – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss M Kaleemullah – Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Bi – Teaching Assistant (part time)

Year 4 Team


Mrs R Mahon – Class Teacher, AHT and Year Group Lead

Miss K Fatima – Class Teacher

Mrs S Salam – Class Teacher

Mrs Z Parveen – Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Begum – Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Team

Miss Parveen – Class Teacher and Year Group Lead

Miss E Brown – Class Teacher

Miss A Heel – Class Teacher

Mrs F Akhtar – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Patel – Teaching Assistant (part time)


Year 6 Team

Mr I Potter – Class Teacher, AHT and Year Group Lead

Mrs A Batul – Class Teacher

Miss M Chipman – Class Teacher

Mrs S Ahmed – Class Teacher

Mrs S Jiwa – Class Teacher

Mrs S Bi – Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Akram – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Kaussar – Teaching Assistant (part time)

Mrs S Arshad – Teaching Assistant (part time)


Office Staff

Miss H Begum – Office Manager

Miss S Khan – Receptionist

Miss M Alam – Attendance Officer

Miss J Dove – Finance Assistant


Inclusion Team

Mrs A Turner – SENCO and Inclusion Team Lead

Mr T Lewis – SEND Class Teacher

Ms R Hezam – SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss N Akhtar - SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Guraliuc - EAL Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Rahman – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Begum – Teaching Assistant

Other Support Staff

Mr H Smith – Pastoral Manager

Mr K Hunkins – Sports Coach

Mr B Hutton - Sports Coach

Miss T Beard - Strategic IT Manager


Site Staff

Miss C Brecknell - Site Manager

Mr T Hogan – Caretaker


Maternity leave

Mrs A Bi – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Mughal - Class Teacher

Mrs F Velland - Teaching Assistant (part time)