Physical Education

PE Long-term Curriculum Map 2021-2022


We are proud members of the association for Physical Education. We work in line with their guidance to ensure we are promoting and maintaining high standards and safe practice in all aspects and all levels of physical education, school sport and physical activity.



Your School Games


Virtual Football Competition Autumn 2 2020 

We had a fantastic time during our P.E. lessons in year 5 and 6 where we have been taking part in a virtual football competition! We had lots of different skill challenges, including dribbling around cones and shooting at targets. We had over 150 children take part in this competition and they had so much fun.


Virtual Basketball Competition Autumn 2 2020

This competition was really challenging, but the children at Nansen love a challenge! We took part in completing multiple different basketball skills, including dribbling, throwing, catching and shooting. There were over 120 children who took part from year 3 and 4 which is fantastic to see!



Travel Tracker

Every day the children log how they commute to school, whether it's walking, cycling, park and stride, car, bus or scooter. We are encouraging all children to have a healthy start to every day by being physically active on the way to school. Children who are active on their commute to school 3 days per week will earn a badge each month. Keep your eyes open for the badges that the children will be proudly wearing!


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