Your School Games

Your School Games

The School Games, which is funded by Sport England and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust, involves funded School Games Organisers (SGOs) at a local level and Local Organising Committees (LOCs) at a county level working alongside us to create an annual calendar of competition.


Your School Games Virtual Learning:


Youth Sport Trust

YST After School Sport Club -

Recorded during the Autumn term 2020 the daily sports clubs of 30 minutes long delivered by our Athlete Mentors focuses on; The different daily themes are below:

Adventure Monday – This might involve getting children to do floor, wall climbing and map reading all within their living room

Tuesday Play – Imaginative play utilising resources in the house to create games and activities to get active

Wild Wednesday – Some high tempo competitive activities involving personal challenges

Thinking Thursday – Introducing cognitive challenges for children through movement. Active noughts and crosses and introducing an element of competition – whether that be against themselves, the clock, their siblings or remotely with friends

Fun Friday – A chance for children to let loose and have some fun. Dancing and doing what makes them feel good.


YST SEND Activities -

All of the activities are specifically designed for special schools and include dexterity, kicking, mobility and striking

Wonder Woman 1984 -  

We’ve teamed up with DC to create Wonder Woman-inspired resources for schools and families. Filled with awesome ideas and anchored in the recovery curriculum (Carpenter, B. and Carpenter, M., 2020), the fun free activities will help your young people develop skills such as courage, strength and teamwork using the power of sport.

 The multi-level activity cards give a huge variety of options for group or individual work with quest cards to monitor progress.


Virtual Competitions

Virtual Football Competition Autumn 2 2020 

We had a fantastic time during our P.E. lessons in year 5 and 6 where we have been taking part in a virtual football competition! We had lots of different skill challenges, including dribbling around cones and shooting at targets. We had over 150 children take part in this competition and they had so much fun.


Virtual Basketball Competition Autumn 2 2020

This competition was really challenging, but the children at Nansen love a challenge! We took part in completing multiple different basketball skills, including dribbling, throwing, catching and shooting. There were over 120 children who took part from year 3 and 4 which is fantastic to see!




Pathway to Podium 2022

What is Pathway to Podium?

The Pathway to Podium initiative has been designed to recognise and encourage schools' contribution to Physical Education, school sport and physical activity   (PESSPA).                                                                                                    It celebrates the positive work that schools are delivering in terms of PESSPA and supports schools to improve their offer for the benefit of children and young people.  

Pathway to Podium is available for all schools across Birmingham and is designed to use the 2022 Commonwealth Games as a tool to increase the opportunities for young people to be active for a minimum of 60 minutes every day.


How does Pathway to Podium work?

Pathway to Podium will provide a set of criteria across 5 key areas of PROFILE, PARTICIPATION, PERFORMANCE, PEOPLE and PLACES.

Schools will complete an initial self-assessment on each of the 5 key areas and receive a rating (bronze, silver or gold) based on their responses. Schools will need to evidence key strategies they have implemented, the impact this has had on the outcomes and progress for young people and their plans for future development.

Schools will be supported to develop an action plan that enhances their school offer in PESSPA and improves the outcomes for young people. Schools will be encouraged to re-assess on a yearly basis to evidence improvements and prioritise further developments.