P.E. remote learning


Complete PE 60 Second Challenges

Challenge - Use our Complete PE challenge cards and aim for bronze, silver or gold, then record your results. See if you can beat your own record, or could you challenge someone else in your house?


PE with Joe Wicks

Try and improve your fitness with Joe Wicks! His videos are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am for 30 minutes.


Swimming: Water Safety

Although we may not be able to visit the swimming pools right now, it is always important to learn about water safety. Download some of the swimming home learning activity sheets using the link below and bring your completed sheets into school and hand them to one of the P.E team, you will get a certificate in return!


15 Minute lunchtime break

It is important to have a break every day from learning, for your own wellbeing! So wrap up warm, go outside and take part in the Daily Mile.


PE lessons

We use the Complete PE scheme of work to support teaching and learning in school. For those of you at home or are still at school have a go at our circuit sessions suggested below. Did you know that circuit training helps you to improve your stamina and muscular strength which helps you to focus on tasks for long periods of time and lift objects? You can carry out the circuit sessions with your older and younger sibilings and anyone else at home. 


Champion Record Holder PE Competition

Who is going to be the 'Champion Record Holder' for their year group? Make sure you record your best score for each card, and when we return to school hand it to the P.E team. If you're the record holder for your year group, you will receive a certificate.


Next Steps

Children must wear sports clothes and trainers – ensure they have enough space – stopwatch /phone - for timing and to play their favorite music on

Warm up – 5 minutes jog/run on the spot or jog around your garden

Circuits - participate in the x7 activity cards one after another for 60 seconds with a 30 second rest in-between each one. You need to do all seven cards twice (2 circuits).

Record your child/ren best score and the name of each card to enter the competition (ask someone at home if you need help recording this).

Whole Body Stretch

Download and record your scores

Website Links


Sport England - How to stay active while you're at home


Cosmic Kids Yoga - Wellbeing and emotional health


Food a fact of life - Healthy eating


Youth Sports Trust - Home learning

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NHS Change 4 Life - Wake up Shake up


afPE - #ThisisPE

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